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WordPress Training Kit



Very few things have impacted the online marketing scenario as efficiently as WordPress has in the last decade.


WordPress is a global sensation that has come a long way since its first version was released in 2003.


Its completely free and easy-to-use Content Management System made it possible for anyone, regardless of levels of technical knowledge, to create impressive websites.


This possibility is boosted further by the seemingly endless library of themes and plugins.


Now, the question is “how to set up conversions oozing, attractive websites with WordPress – where to start and how to do it effectively?”


And Here’s the answer, “Simply by acquiring this Brand New ‘WordPress Training Kit’ HD Video Training Course that will reveal all the crucial methods to get started with WordPress and website creation”.


Take a Look at what you are going to get inside Inside…


Step-by-Step Training Videos (8 Chapters)

  • Chapter #1 – How to buy a domain name?
  • Chapter #2 – How to buy hosting?
  • Chapter #3 – How to perform site redirection?
  • Chapter #4 – How to change your nameserver?
  • Chapter #5 – cPanel Introduction
  • Chapter #6 – Creating an email account from cPanel
  • Chapter #7 – Installing WordPress Manually
  • Chapter #8 – Installing WordPress in cPanel



We strongly urge you to check out the WordPress Training Kit  HD Video Training on the market:


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Here are just a few reasons why WordPress Training Kit is intrinsic for any business’ growth and success:

[+] 33.9% of websites use WordPress.

[+] 805 websites are built on WordPress every day.

[+] WordPress is available in 162 and is actively used in 68 languages.

[+] There are more than 55,000 free WordPress plugins.

[+] WooCommerce is installed on more than 3 million websites.

[+] The median price of a WordPress theme is £59.


And these facts understate the blooming popularity of WordPress.


Surely, by now you are jumping on your seats to get your hands on this Exclusive “WordPress Training Kit” HD Video Training course…..


So without much ado, let us present A Key to your Success.


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