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The Organised Life



Let me ask you a question…

Are you a productive person?

Do you know the meaning of “productivity”?

It’s a way to measure efficiency.

In other words, productivity is NOT about doing more…

It’s about making more use of your time, it’s about being effective.

Want to learn how to be more effective in your personal and professional lives?


Did you know that the explosion of the digital world has made your mind even more complicated?

Somewhere between 89 and 115 billion business, emails are sent every day globally and many people do not have good systems for organizing their inboxes.

Studies show that the mind slows down when it switches back and forth between tasks.

Want to know how to declutter your mind for clarity, focus, and peace?

This Blueprint Reveals It All


Topics covered are

Introduction – 1.18

The clutter effect – 6.08

Cluttered home – 4.16

The guide to organising your home – 7.55

The disorganised workplace – 2.53

Make your workplace organised – 3.17

Is your life disorganised – 4.58

A guide to organising your life – 4.04

Could I benefit from a friendship organisation? – 5.14

Clearing your mind – 2.19

A guide to an organised mind – 7.08

Conclusion – 1.56


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